What is Grandmillennial Style?

What is Grandmillennial Style?


When I first heard the decorating term Grandmillennial Style, I had no idea what it was. I looked it up and I was like, whoa – a flashback to traditional style but definitely reinterpreted. Antiques, rattan, wicker and florals and color but fresh and more fun.

This interior design style is not stuffy and maybe even slightly preppy. Bring in the crystal chandeliers, wicker, blue and white china but mix in pops of bright colors and clean lined pieces.




At first glance, you might think the style is formal but really, with all the color and pattern, it is quite playful!

Added benefit – rooms with pattern and color tolerate family life and wear better than rooms than those with a neutral pallette.


Fresh and Happy!



This decor style uses lots of blue, white and green. Blue and white china? Check. A touch of leopard print? Check. Dark wood antiques sprinkled throughout? Check.



What a beautiful dining room – a gorgeous antique wood buffet BUT then the wallpaper, mirror and accessories are fresh and colorful.

What’s not to love? The Pandemic has us spending more time at home, cooking real food. Many of us are dreaming of future dinner parties and having a beautiful dining room to host them in.


Vintage style with a fresh and happy color palette!

Nest Obsessed Interiors Design - Grandmillennial Style Quiz

With Grand Millennial Style, you see lots of wallpaper being used. Even better if it is Chinoiserie. Isn’t this beautiful? Then that pop of fresh green on the glass lamp and that antique chest.


Grandmillennial Style can be dramatic but still fresh. Look at this gorgeous room below. The blue and white pieces and florals pop against the grass green walls. Notice the leather sofa, even though it is an earth tone it fits right into this cheerful color scheme. 


Vintage touches but with fresh fashion flair. Classic and hip with a bit of sass!


I have grouped the Grand Millennial Style into 3 Refinements: Fresh, French and Eclectic.

Want to see which one you are? Click on the image below to take the interior design STYLE QUIZ!


I would love to help you design and create the Grand Millennial Room of your dreams! Let’s work together!

I offer virtual interior design services to my clients all over the USA. I have a streamlined online interior design process that is efficient and fun!




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Trends That Are Timeless – Cement Tiles

Trends That Are Timeless – Cement Tiles

Cement Tiles have been around in Europe since the 1850’s but lately, they have gained incredible popularity in the US.

Historically, they were often used in foyer areas.

Really this is quite practical, especially if you are in an area where it snows or rains often.

They are easy to clean and give you the look of a beautiful rug.

Now we are seeing cement tiles a lot in kitchens and bathrooms.

If Better Homes and Gardens is featuring the look, like below, you know it has hit mainstream.

The above look is quite dramatic.

I like it but wonder if it would start to wear on me or make me dizzy while cooking.

I think something calmer in color like this would work better for me.

I love that they can be used in a very dramatic application. They have a worldly, traveled look which is quite appealing.

Or they can be done in a more subtle way. Just adding light pattern and color.

If you don’t want to commit to too much pattern maybe just a small area like  a fireplace hearth.

Or maybe just inside the shower niche for a touch of whimsy.

Are you thinking you might want to add cement tile somewhere in your home?

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