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Paint Consultation

Nest Obsessed Interiors helps busy women create
a beautiful backdrop for a life well lived!


Per Room

More than one room that needs a great paint color?

Message me and I will create a special group price for you. 

Who knew?

Choosing a GREAT paint color is not that easy!

You want a color that pulls the room together and FEELS right.

You have tested a bunch of colors and none of them look like the one.

I can help you choose the perfect color.

Ah, paint. So many choices! I will help you discover the paint color that FEELS right and works well with your current furnishings & lighting. There is a science to choosing a great paint color. 

We will start with a Design Questionnaire so I can see photos of your room and ask a few questions. 

We will communicate using email and the internet. Please allow a week for the process.  

What’s included ~

E-Design – Paint Consultation Package:

  • Up to 3 GREAT Paint Colors to try – for one room
  • Email Communication and Online Support

Please know that any color I specify will need to be test painted on a large piece of poster board – two coats – to see accuracy. Painting on the wall does not work as you need to be able to move the board to each wall in the room to check value and light effects. Since this is E-Design, I can’t do this step for you but I will virtually hold your hand. This step will keep you from buying tons of test paint and driving your self nuts! 🙂 Be sure to have your Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore colors mixed at their actual stores…not Lowe’s. Color matching is not completely accurate as all pigments are proprietary.

I will do my best to make sure you are a very satisfied customer! After paying for an E-Design Package, you may cancel (send me an email) up to 24 hrs after payment has been received, after that no refunds are given. There is a chance I might share your photos on my websites but I will never have any of your personal information linked. Everyone’s eye for color is slightly different, that is why the key is testing all colors on large poster board. 

My husband and I repainted the interior of our entire home. We knew generally what colors we wanted, but were having a difficult time choosing exact shades. We did a color consultation with Claudia, and she came with a great personality and a wealth of knowledge. She knew how the colors would translate to our home and what would look the best. Most importantly, she made sure that we felt the colors were “us”. Thanks to Claudia, our home is beautiful and feels like us.

- A. Diefenthaler

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