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Furniture Layout / Floor Plan


More than one room to layout?

Message me and I will create a special group price for you.

Open concepts are additional.

This package is perfect if you have furniture but just need to know the best layout for the space.  Also great for knowing if a new piece you want to buy is going to fit or if you want to create a plan for moving into a new house and give it to the moving crew!

What’s included in the E-Design – Furniture Layout / Floor Plan Package:

  • Secret Pinterest Board Collaboration – if needed to show links to furniture you have or are purchasing.
  • Online messaging about the project
  • Note: no selections or concept board with this package
  • One Furniture Floor Plan for One Room
  • 30 Day Project Follow Up

We will collaborate and I will design your floor plan entirely online.

Communication takes place using email, Pinterest and computer design software program. The design process typically takes 2 weeks.


1. Payment is required to start a project. You can pay online by clicking on the payment button above. If you would rather pay by check, email me and I can send you an invoice. Processing of a check payment can delay the start of the project.

2. Once I receive your payment, I will send you an Agreement to sign off on and a Design Questionnaire which also has space for uploading photos, measuring your space, etc.  I will need the completed design questionnaire, room measurements, photos and invite to your Pinterest Board before I begin to design.

3. The design process begins! One room projects can take two weeks to complete, sometimes sooner. Please allow additional time for extra rooms.

4. As we move through the design process, your feedback is important and appreciated. If needed, your package price includes up to 3 layout options for the room.

4. You receive your final floor plan and any needed instructions for setting up your room!

5. Work with a local contractor of your choice to install furniture and set up your room.

Please note, this e-design package is not for kitchens and bathroom designs. Kitchens and bathrooms are considered custom projects and although they can be done via e-design, we need to discuss your project and custom pricing, please contact me before purchasing. Cancellation and refund (please advise in writing via email) of a project is permitted within 48 hours of payment, after that I do not offer refunds. The pricing is for one room floor plan only and does not include actual selections. Price does not include open concept spaces. Dining/ living room areas are priced separately.

I will do my best to make sure you are a very satisfied customer! After paying for an E-Design Package, you may cancel (send me an email) up to 24 hrs after payment has been received, after that no refunds are given. There is a chance I might share your mood board on my websites but I will never have any of your personal information linked. As you probably know, there are always risks to ordering items online BUT, I think the reward outweighs the risk because of the thousands of great products and pricing we have available for shopping on the web. I do my best to read reviews and specifications about all products I choose but I ask you to do the same as a double check. Please read all fine print about your product and ordering and return details, I assume no responsibility for online orders. If at all possible, I prefer to use sources (just in case you are not happy) where you can return items locally or easily and for little fee. If there are stores in your area with online shops that you want to use, let me know and we can work with their product.

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