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I am Claudia Hardy, an interior designer in Toledo, Ohio and an eDesigner (online design) anywhere in the USA. My joy is creating beautiful interiors! I know first hand how living in a space you love brings a sense of peace and gratitude. My specialty is helping my clients figure out their own unique look and then bring it all to life – for a result that is better than they could have ever imagined! I  love mixing styles and architectural elements to create rooms that feel interesting and timeless. I work locally in all areas near Toledo, Ohio: Perrysburg, Maumee, Sylvania and Ottawa Hills. I offer eDesign Packages (online design) that allow me to create beautiful interiors all across the country. I work side by side with my clients to create beautiful spaces that reflect their style and taste.

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Claudia invests her whole self in the process.


I would not recommend undertaking the designing and building of a custom home without her expertise and attention to detail. She invests her whole self in the process and is committed to making sure you get a functional, as well as a beautiful home. My only regret is that we did not enlist her services earlier on in the design process. Her services are not an add-on; in my opinion, they are essential.

- S. Powers

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