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I am finally feeling hopeful about the possibility of having people over to the house this summer. It is like a heavy blanket is being lifted!

I really feel like my home needs a refresh to celebrate. Maybe just a few little things, maybe a few large pieces. I am actually taking on a handful of new clients just this week with the same mind set.

In honor of new beginnings, I wanted to share some inspirational shop the look design boards with you. The items are affiliate links, which does not affect your price at all but might result in a small commission if you purchase with the link…and I mean small, like a cup of coffee and a muffin:) Thanks for supporting my creative blog posts!

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I have a feeling that you might be excited too? For the first time in over a year, I will soon have my best friend and her daughter over for tea. Nothing too fancy just herbal tea and cookies but in 2019, this seemed so ordinary but now, I appreciate it on a different level.

Here are few smaller pieces that even on their own, make an impact.

The rattan tray is one of my favorites. It is almost 24″ in diameter. Perfect for serving or placing on top of a coffee table or ottoman.

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I am loving the dramatic wall color in this dining room by Ballard Designs. I included a few links to shop the pieces.

Ballard Designs has beautiful blue and white vases too! There are so many different ones to choose from on their website but I liked these three together – links below.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like to collaborate on a design project in your home!

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Everything You Need to Design Your New Home Office

Everything You Need to Design Your New Home Office

The year 2020 has made the home office one of the most important rooms in the house.

Most of us are working from home to some degree and chances are we are sharing the space with family members.

Sure, you can use your laptop on the dining table. However, now we are seeing that this working from home thing might go on a bit longer than we initially thought. A new office might be just what you need. 

This blog post contains beautiful selections and affiliate links from one of my favorite companies, Ballard Designs. When you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I make a small commission. This does not affect your purchase price in any way but it does support my creation of shoppable blog posts like this one. Thanks for your support.


This desk above is perfect for creating a “pocket office”. It can easily fit in a living room or family room and when closed it looks like a pretty cabinet. Then when you are ready to work, flip the top down. The bottom drawer is a file cabinet.

Download the shopping list below.


Bottom center drawer is a file cabinet!


Great news!

Everything you see above is available for purchase. Just click to download the shopping list below.


Download a Clickable Shopping List

By the way, this is exactly how virtual (edesign) projects work. All custom projects come with a concept board and clickable shopping list.

Below is a 3d rendering I created for a project.


This is another office design using deeper blues and a larger desk and file cabinet. Such a calming color pallette. Shopping list can be downloaded below.


Download a Clickable Shopping List

When I work with clients virtually, an important part of my process is a floor plan to make sure everything fits in your space. I also have a design questionnaire to make sure the design is not only your style but works functionally. 

Read more about my virtual design services here:

Thank you for reading my blog post. If you have any questions, feel free to message me or set up a Discovery Call.

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Everything You Need To Create A Beautiful Fall Display In Your Foyer

Everything You Need To Create A Beautiful Fall Display In Your Foyer

Everything You Need To Create A Beautiful Fall Display In Your Foyer


I am excited to share this with you!

I have curated the perfect Fall decorating display for your entry table. Download the clickable shopping list below!

We all need a little happiness right now and adding decorative elements that represent the change of seasons definitely helps!

Please note that this blog post contains affiliate links. This means when you shop via the link, I will get a small commission from the company. This is at no extra cost to you and supports blog posts like this one. Thank you:)

Header Photo by Cecile Vedemil on Unsplash

This display is neutral and classic. Which means it will work in any foyer and with any style. 

All you need is some sort of table space in your entry area. A few stacked books to add some height. Add a ribbon to hang the wreath on the mirror. Get creative and add your personal touches. See below where I added some velvet pumpkins for extra texture.

All the items are from Ballard Designs, a company I love to use because of the price point, quality and styles. All accessories are 20% off through 9-21-2020!

Download your FREE Clickable Shopping List

Now if you are wanting more color, add velvet pumpkins. I found these beauties on Just type in velvet pumpkins and they will come right up!

Since this display uses dried elements, I suggest battery operated candles!

Click on the image below for the shopping link.

Download your FREE Clickable Shopping List

Along with Fall decorating, I look forward to enjoying all things Pumpkin. Pumpkin Spice lattes especially. How about you?

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I love helping clients refine their personal style. I design rooms that are beautiful, functional and reflect my client’s taste and lifestyle.

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