Years ago I worked in an interior design showroom that sold rugs. All the rugs were hung on racks so they were easy to shop and we had TONS of them.

People would come all over the area to shop (bringing their fabric and paint samples) since they new we had a huge selection to choose from. I loved helping customers choose the perfect rug. I learned many things when I worked there but most importantly that the right rug can absolutely transform a room!


The right colors in a rug can be a beautful thing. See how the rug in the above photo “talks” to the other colors in the room and ties everything together?


The rug above really “grounds” the space. It ties in the colors of the woods and fabrics in the room and makes everything feel cohesive. A darker rug like this gives a cozy look but the vibrant color pops in it keep it from feeling heavy. 

If you have children, pets or messy husbands (no judgement) then definitely consider an indoor / outdoor rug made of polypropelene. This fiber wears so well and many of them are relatively soft too. You can easily clean with a damp rag and literally, once in a while take them in the yard and hose them off!

As far as sizing, larger is usually better. I like at least the front feet of seating furniture to be on the rug. Leave some of the floor showing around the edges, at least 3 inches.

In a room with wall to wall carpet, almost always, you need an area rug. It will help to visually ground and “connect” the furniture. There are special rug pads for area rugs on wall to wall carpeting that help it stay in place.


Below are a few of my favorites from Boutique Rugs! As you know I often decorate in neutrals with pops of blue. It is one of my most requested color pallettes from clients.

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When I work with clients virtually, an important part of my process is a floor plan to make sure everything fits in your space. I also have a design questionnaire to make sure the design is not only your style but works functionally.

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