With the new world we are living in, all things virtual are taking off! Edesign (virtual interior design) has become super popular as a way to safely design and decorate your home. I am excited about being able to work with clients all over the USA!

Today I hope to answer some questions about 3D renderings and how they differ from 2D concept boards.

I offer the following visuals for my clients:

2D Concept/Design Boards (2 dimensional)

3D Renderings (3 dimensional images)


Image above is a 3D Rendering – Photorealistic



My edesign interior design packages (Full and Refresh) automatically include 2D concept boards. This is a great way to show you (in a collage type presentation) all the items and colors for your room and how they work together. These 2D interior design concept boards come with a “clickable” shopping list for easy ordering.

If you want to go one step further, you can add on a 3D rendering. I offer a Basic 3D Rendering and a Luxury 3D Rendering.


Basic 3D Renderings: These are helpful to “see” the interior space and items from different angles. It is a computer program I use with a pre-set library of items. This library will not have your exact furniture but I will choose something very close to represent your selection.

Luxury 3D Renderings: These are crisp and clear photo-realistic renderings. I pull items from a library and try to have the exact pieces but if not, then I will find items that are very similar to the items you have chosen. The luxury rendering is a recreation of the architecture of your actual room so it gives you the true feeling of the space. Why can’t it always be the exact item? Read more about this below…

3D renderings use 3d models that are pre-created on the internet. Although I am drawing the floor plan and the room, I am adding furniture models from a library that is online. Of course, not every piece of furniture being sold out there has a 3D model available (hopefully someday!) I do my best to find something very similar. Say you need to see the exact piece (maybe a way cool chair from Restoration Hardware, for example) then you can pay a 3d modeling expert to have the 3d model built. Usually $75-$100 per model. If you want this, I can facilitate it for you and then pop it in the rendering drawing of your room.

I hope this explain a little more about this new process that is becoming popular with virtual interior design. 

If you have more questions, please message me. I would love to hear from you!





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