Master Bathroom designed by Nest Obsessed Interior Design

Before I go into the top reasons, please bear with me while I go off on a little tangent….:)


Lesson of the Day: An interior designer should be hired at the beginning of the project…not half way through.

Please trust me on this. If you are on the fence, it is best to jump over and bring me in on the project now rather than later.


Keep in mind that 75% of good design takes place during the architectural design phase and framing phase of the project. After that point, most changes will end up being costly. 

Just ask my clients, they will tell you it is true: Once you work with an interior designer that you like, chances are super high you will not go it alone on future projects.


I always say, “It’s hard to know what you don’t know.”



You have hired a builder / contractor…

It may seem like you are all set BUT most likely you still need an interior designer.

Most contractors will be able to offer some design advice.  They are often put on the spot to solve design issues. However, design is not really their focus. The builder is watching (thankfully) over SO many details: code requirements, permits, structural integrity, material quality, sub-contractors, timeline, etc.

An interior designer is making sure the layout of your shower plumbing works for you and your significant other’s heights.  She knows how many times a week you wash your hair and if a rain shower head is actually functional and other personal showering details, etc.


I will be the “communication bridge” that connects you and your contractor to make your designs come to life. I will be there to “walk you” through your floor plan AND help you visualize what is actually happening through mood boards, perspective sketches and elevation drawings.

“Like, seriously…how high are my window sills in relationship to my height of my tub?”

“How high should the shower knee wall be? Where should the wainscot stop and start?”

“Which direction should I run my floor tiles?”

If I need to, I will get on a ladder to make sure your trim is placed the way you want it! 🙂



You have “Option Paralysis”…

You have a new design project in mind. You know what you like. You have pinned TONS of photos and spent endless hours on HOUZZ. COM. You are excited and think, “This can’t be that hard, I have great taste and I have the internet on my side!”

You rush out to the store and find a few things that seem right and buy them. You come home and although you love them, they don’t work with what you already have. You don’t have an overall plan in place and now you are STUCK, like in quick sand and you can’t move forward.



I will help you sift through all the options. We will create a design plan, an overall vision. Although you will still have fun shopping and exploring ideas, I will keep you on track for a great end result. 



You are “anxious” and are not enjoying the idea of such a huge project…

You know this is going to entail spending some money. You don’t want to make a mistake. This fear keeps you from sleeping well at night.


I will ask many questions and it is my goal to learn what you like and what works for your lifestyle.

I will guide you and “hold your hand” through the design process. I am your design buddy!

I will take your ideas and make suggestions you would have never thought of…to create the space of your dreams!


Consider your budget…It is a common thought to wonder how much an interior designer will cost…

You look at your budget and think about how much extra stuff you could “buy” instead of spending money on interior design services. I hear this one a lot. Then I hear later about the mistakes made and things forgotten and how this caused so much stress. Entire houses built without thinking about what furniture fits where and on and on. If you want proof of this, take a look on chat pages.  You will see how many people there are writing in and asking how to fix design mistakes. Unfortunately, many still have not learned from the past and asking for free advise, from non-professionals…go figure. It also pains me to see how things could have been and now it is too late.

The sad thing is, the total cost of the mistakes almost always ends up being way more than the cost of what would have been spent on interior design services in the first place.

You could ask a fashionable friend or neighbor for advice. However, they are probably not trained to look at things with an objective eye. so they will almost always confuse their taste with yours…which can makes things muddy.


Enjoy the process! Get it right the first time!  I would love to help you:)