Lately, I’ve had a few requests to help clients create a Gallery Wall.  Some want to work with family photos and some want to use art.

I gotta say, I approve! They really do give great visual impact and personality to a space.

Lonny Magazine, one of my online favorites, has some great photos if you need inspiration.

Of course, just Googling Gallery Wall images will satisfy you with enough eye candy for hours of enjoyment.



Okay! Let’s talk about how to do this and make it look amazing!

Gather your Art

This is something that you should put some thought into. Most likely it’s going to take a little bit of time and thought to collect the right pieces and have enough to get started.

I think that some people are intimidated since this seems like it could be intense. It could be…it’s true.

There are gallery walls that have a lot going on and are very artfully set up.  If you decide to challenge yourself to do it at this level, drink some wine and go for it.

Seriously though, is this an installation or what? This was not done in one day, I am quite positive about that.

TODAY we are going to focus on something more attainable.

I’m not always into following the rules when it come to design. But when I’m asked to give advice, seems like people often prefer to have a few guidelines in place.

SO, I will list a few but don’t feel like you have to stick to them.

A few rules of thumb

In my opinion, you need at least 7 pieces.

Focus on a Theme or Subject

One style of gallery wall is to keep all art being of the same subject and/or similar color. With this thought, you can use different styles and colors of frames that appeal to you.

Have some sort of visual continuity

If you’re working with different subjects, It can help to have similar types of frames or a few repeating frame styles to tie everything together visually.

Like below, simple frames, lots of white mats, different subjects but all graphic in some way.

If you want to add an additional element of interest:

Add a 3D element into the mix – (I love taxidermy, faux preferred but still strangely fascinated by the real – even though I LOVE animals!)

Mix Old and New


Add a Mirror


Step One:

Measure the wall space that you have and leave a good two feet or more around the perimeter as negative space. That said, you might want to consider leaving space for your wall to “grow”. Ask yourself, do you want to add to the collection in the future? You probably will be talking out loud to yourself as you do this.  It’s OK. Believe me, it helps!

Step Two:

Layout your art on the floor, staying within the measurement that you took from the wall. It can help to have one or two larger size pieces to center the arrangement. Sometimes it helps to use a column effect where you’re basically going straight up and down but leaving at least two to three inches between each piece. If you’re feeling really creative you can just work with the shapes of the frames and create an interesting collage effect.

When you get it just right take a picture of the layout.

Step 3:

Using some sort of craft paper or brown paper bags trace each frame and cut the shapes out with scissors. This seems like a pain in the tail to do. Yes, it is. However, it’s worth the extra time to hang them in the correct spot and avoid messing up your walls. Make quick note on each piece of paper as to what piece of art it refers to.

Step 4:

Using the photo you took as your guide, take painters tape and start taping these pieces of paper up. Then get your hammer and picture hooks and get to hanging!

Crate and Barrel has a good tutorial here

Step 5:

Stand back and admire your great work!

Don’t forget, you can go floor to ceiling too! You know I love a bit of Drama!

If you love art as much as I do, it’s pretty cool to have it all in one area. Then you can just sit back and admire your collection. Realizing your space kind of rocks.

concept-board-nest-obsessed-interior-design-living-room-gallery-wall 2



Still feel like maybe you’d rather have some help? Let’s do it together! Shoot me an email and let’s talk about getting started!


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