I am so excited to show you all this project!

Here is one of the FINAL photos…more to come later on in this post…





The beginning:

This was a master bathroom in need of an update and repairs.

The typical details were needed: new cabinets and tops, new floors, new shower tile, new lights, new tub.

Before Photos:


short-pump-master-bath-before-nest-obsessed-interior-design 2




My client was pretty sure they wanted white cabinets and gray floors but was looking for more ideas.

This is where I come in, I LOVE to show clients how we can take it from standard to AWESOME!

Of course, it started with a





Then some major pinning sessions on Pinterest:)

I wanted to add some interest to the walls and make everything feel “connected”.

The client had wainscot trim in other areas of the home, so it seemed perfect to add here.

I knew this would be the icing on the cake.


This is where it helps immensely to have a wonderful contractor.

I can have all the ideas in the world but I need someone to build it and make it happen.

A major shout out to Ronnie Walsh of Walsh Builders!

He is awesome and he has the most amazing team of sub-contractors!

The other detail I suggested

was a wall mounted faucet.

Look at that beauty!!




This is a little more work to figure out plumbing pipe placement, height, etc.

We also had quite a few enjoyable pencil drawing sessions on the wall to figure out where the chair rail and wainscot

would be placed and how we could end up with faucet in the middle of that section.

I am SOOO grateful for the contractors’ skill and patience.:)


Visits to the tile and counter showroom, selecting the perfect wall color (more on that service here),

custom cabinets from Prestige Cabinets (awesome company!),

and then finding the lighting and hardware!


I know the client would agree,

this is a life changing bathroom!

After Photos:


I am so grateful to have been a part of this transformation.

Absolutely amazing clients to work with. A big thanks to them for trusting me and going along with my ideas!

Are you ready to create the bathroom of your dreams?




I would love to help you!

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