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Occupied Staging Consultation

Mixing Vintage With New to Create Inspired, Timeless & Livable Spaces

Occupied Staging Consultations in the Toledo, Ohio area 

Are you about to put your home up for sale?

This consultation will ensure your home appeals to as many buyers as possible in order to sell fast and for the best price!





What is the Process?

Step One

Send me an email and we will schedule a complimentary 15 minute phone call to discuss your project, my design fee and if you are ready, schedule a time for me to visit you and your home. Initial Consultation Visit is a flat fee that varies: $150-$300 – depending on the scope of the project and square footage. This service is for the Toledo, Ohio area. 

Step Two

After our phone chat, I will send you a Design Questionnaire to fill out that also has space to upload photos. This is an important step so that I can begin to think of design ideas to bring to our meeting.

Step Three

Before the visit, I will send you an invoice for our first meeting that can be paid with either a credit/debit card or a check.

Step Four

We meet for the Staging Consultation (One Hour). We will walk through your home and discuss design ideas and look at tricky areas and best furniture layouts, etc. 

Step Five

Hopefully you will feel inspired to get started on the to-do list, knowing that your efforts will sell the house fast and for top dollar. I will follow up with an email to recap our meeting and send over any extra thoughts. Then you can decide if you’d like to handle the details on your own or hire me by the hour to help you finish.

Then What?

If you decide you would like to work with me to finish getting the house ready, I would be happy to help! I charge my hourly rate going forward. My hourly rate is $50-$75, depending on the scope of work and square footage of the project. Travel time for additional home and showroom visits is billed at $25.00 an hour. If we work via e-design, you can save on travel costs. 

Services Include:

  • Suggestions for highlighting the best features of your floor plan, architectural features and view.
  • Ideal furniture layouts
  • Best paint colors for appealing to larger buyer pool
  • Suggestions for each room of what needs to be removed or temporarily stored
  • Advice on what areas need to be decluttered and depersonalized

Please note, this is not a full staging service. This service is for homes that already have furniture and accessories in place but need advise for best layouts and ideas to freshen up for re-sale.


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